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About Us

An ISO 9001 Company: Quality is Our Middle Name

American Quality Stripping has been providing coating removal and surface preparation services to the painting industry since 1987. Located on the South shore of Lake Erie in Sandusky Ohio American Quality Stripping offers cutting edge, environmentally safe chemical coating removal systems as well as conventional blasting services and digitally controlled Pyrolytic cleaning services.

American Quality Stripping, Inc. utilizes a variety of proprietary leading edge technologies to remove virtually any kind of coating from any ferrous or non-ferrous surface. Our Premier Stripping Services can safely remove powder coats, e-coats, wet coats and autophoretic conversion coats yet will not affect underlying phosphate coatings or Alodine coatings. American Quality Stripping also offers grease removal and rust/scale removal services with several options on inhibitors.

Located in North Central Ohio on the shore of Lake Erie, American Quality Stripping services the entire Central and Eastern United States. Our staff represents over one hundred thirty nine years of experience in coating and coating removal knowledge which puts American Quality Stripping in a position to provide their customers with a depth of skill capable of handling virtually any coating related problem. We are dedicated to working with our customers to provide a mutually beneficial experience. American Quality Stripping has formulated its own proprietary stripping compound which is environmentally safe and non-hazardous.

American Quality Stripping provides the best package of services, resources and quality product to service the coating industry. We are ready to partner with your industry to reduce waste, improve tooling life and increase total through-put.

About Us
About Us