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Rust/Scale Removal

American Quality Stripping offers metal rust/scale removal. There are various processes that may be selected to best fit customers’ needs, such as media blasting or chemical immersion. These processes offer removal of rust/scale from the substrate without affecting the surface of the part. Our proprietary chemistry specifically targets rust, scale, and corrosion on substrate surfaces; such as, scale rust, flash rust, white rust, and other undesired surface oxidations. This chemistry allows for safe rust, scale, and corrosion removal on galvanized and zinc phosphate coated components, as well as mixed metal components. If there is shelf life after rust/scale removal, then rust preventers can be applied to our customer’s specifications to prevent further unwanted oxidations.

Examples of Components for Rust/Scale Removal Services

  • Automotive Restoration
    • Antique Cars and Trucks, Tractors, Motorcycles
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Components
    • Raw Materials, and Stock Items in Warehouse Storage
  • Tooling and Die Cleaning and Resurfacing